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COUNTDOWN TO 2030We are weeks away from a net zero world…Prepare for combat, faster!

Combat Climate Change

Who we are

Combat Climate Change is a profit-for-purpose organization, focusing on consultancy services to corporates, educational programmes in schools and research activities at university. Most of our profits are channelled to fund research activities and unfunded events in educational institutions. 

Climate change is already impacting public health, food and water security, migration, peace. As such, it cannot be looked at in isolation anymore. This phenomenon shapes the way we work at Combat Climate Change, with all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their 169 targets that strengthen one’s promise to fulfil the 2030 commitments. 


Our organisation’s colours are inspired by three UN SDGs that define our core purpose of existence and shape our operating model. 


Our purpose is to educate and create climate awareness in a way, so all can tangibly contribute to a net zero world with regenerative and restorative practices 

Our vision is a carbon free world where we humans are carbon neutral in every step of our lives and leave a sustainable world for our future generations

Our values are our guiding star, directing us in how we operate





Amit-Mukherjee-Combat-Climate-Change“It all stemmed from a dream one
night, to step up and do my bit for the
planet, inspire others to join me and
create a carbon free, sustainable
world for our generations to come...”

Amit Mukherjee, Combat Climate Change Founder

Amit’s passion for sustainability started back in 2007 when he chose Climate Agenda as his MBA thesis topic. Thereafter, an 18-year progressive career in the shipping and logistics arm of the corporate world came to an end when a dream to tackle climate catastrophes kept him awake an entire night. He felt a moral responsibility to work on it and so left his cushy corporate life to pursue his dreams.  

Amit proceeded to study about Climate Change at the University of Oxford, specialising in Climate Ethics and Regenerative Economics. Amit is also a certified ‘Changemaker for Climate’ from the UN Systems Staff College at Bonn. 

We offer

Consultancy Services

Working with companies to repurpose business strategies and operating models to the Paris Agreement and UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Educational Services

Collaborating with schools to educate, empower and engage children on UN’s 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development and actions relating to climate change.

Research Activities

Partnering with university to explore possibilities of converting ocean recovered plastic to commercially viable products for the shipping industry.

windturbine-climate“Don’t just change your product line,
be prepared to change your entire company.”
- Ray Anderson, Interface Inc.

Strategic Planning and Road mapping

Reinvention and redesign start in the boardroom. We work with executive level to redesign the company strategy, in line with EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and UN’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development. A 5-year Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) transformational roadmap is then designed outlining essential elements to be carbon neutral and contribute to Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). 

We offer:  

  • Mapping of ESG accountability
  • Scoping of end-2-end emissions
  • Building strategic roadmap to 2030
  • First 100-day implementation plan

Implementation & Project Management

Putting a 100-day implementation plan to action is equally important. We provide project management expertise to help get started, implementing the company’s 2030 strategy and roadmap that would help achieve their sustainable goals. Business change and training are close to our heart and will be included in the execution plan.

We Offer:

  • Project Management capabilities
  • Implementation of company ESG plan
  • Surveys and Insights
  • Change Management and SDG Training

Coming Soon: Data to Dashboard ESG representation platform by Q4 2023.

Climate Education and Workshops

School Events and Workshops

In collaboration with UNESCO’s Office for Climate Education and TeachSDGs organisation, we impart knowledge in schools and kindergartens to bring awareness and empower them with skills, values and attitudes needed to act as agents of change.

Teaching programmes and workshops are tailored to school needs.

Coming soon: Children’s books and digital apps that help translate learning to a way of life that inspires these little humans to protect our planet.

Will be available for age groups 4-6, 7-10.

Climate Awareness Summer Camps

Learning is more fun when it is out in nature. We organise awareness camps in summer where we talk about biodiversity conservation, our bio-degradable or regenerative consumption habits and how we should preserve the beauty of nature, for humans and the Anthropocene.  

Camps are single day and split as per age groups. 

Research Activities

By 2050, there will probably be more plastic in the ocean than marine life.” – World Economic Forum 

Coming Soon – Regenerative research with university research fellows to create products for use in the container shipping industry using recovered plastic from our oceans. The invented products should be recyclable and live the principles of SDG #14 ‘Life below water’, thereby replacing existing products that impact our oceans and marine life.  

Our Memberships and Partners

We are in the process of pledging our commitments to organisations who can support us in our ambitions and help us deliver real value. Our knowledge partners will bring deep expertise, diverse experience and skills to strengthen our offerings.

Our Financial Partners and Fund Raisers 

As a profit-with-a-purpose organisation, we intend to repurpose earnings to research activities and educational institutions who do not have approved funding. Our earnings will be transparent and financial reports will be gladly provided upon request.

“Today’s IPCC Report is a CODE RED for humanity!”

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Join Us

We are witnessing the dramatic impacts of climate change, threat to biodiversity, wiping out of ecosystems and it calls for a combative response to turn this despair into hope.  

The time is not for competition but for collaboration. At Combat Climate Change, we constantly emphasise the need for collaboration to fulfil our promises made to our future generations. So join us, collaborate and convert the code red, to green! 

Publishing and Media

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