Our research topic – The possibility to create 20’ft shipping containers using recycled plastic recovered from our oceans

We are seeking university collaboration for our Industrial PhD application, that will help with the research of a groundbreaking idea to tackle plastic garbage in our oceans.


Research synopsis

Manufacturing of shipping containers from recycled plastic that can float but with mechanical properties of steel and the weight of wood. It should be able to handle the tare weight of containers; withstand the weight of other containers when stacked high. Invented structures should work along the principles of circular economy where we strip and replace the walls and columns of metal containers, reuse the wooden floorboards and scrap the metal to a steel company for re-manufacturing. The bottom beam structure can remain (if needed) to hold the cargo weight. This also reduces the overall weight of a vessel and reduces the bunker consumption.

The refurbished container should be able to float, recoverable from water, circulatable in the economy and fulfil the targets of UN’s SDG #14 ‘Life below water’, protecting our oceans and marine life.