Educational Services

Our expertise

Education is key to addressing climate change. Education and awareness gives people new perspectives and helps them make informed decisions. It empowers all but motivates the young. The world needs more climate education, and we are happy to jump on board and contribute to this purpose.

Our experienced pedagogues are trained to inspire and create more ‘little changemakers’ in schools and youth institutions. We collaborate with teachers in schools to understand the students, align expectations of the school’s curriculum and then customise our programmes to ensure full benefit of the event. Our programme contents are official training materials obtained from UNESCO’s Office for Climate Education.

We have a trained pedagogue in British and Danish sign language who conducts courses on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for children with hearing and speech challenges. No one should be left behind in this preparation journey and we pledge to make the difference.

Events and Workshops

  • Tailored School visits
  • Online workshops
  • UN events discussion
  • Climate quizzes and games
  • Biodiversity projects: seeds to plant

SDG Courses in sign language

  • Specialised courses in sign language for the hearing and speech impaired
  • ‘No one should be left behind!’ – videos with sign language and reading material.

Resources and articles

  • Free UN Colouring posters
  • SDG pocket notebook
  • Footprint card game
  • Books on climate change

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