Events and Workshops

We offer a variety of tailored events to schools that seek to brighten their horizon on sustainability.

  • Tailored School Events and online workshops:An experienced pedagogue from our team will visit your school for a 2-3 hourworkshop targeting age groups: 6-10 and 11-15 years. The workshops inspired by The United Nations’ events, are designed with standard UN material that explains the Sustainable Development Goals. We will of course make the effort to tailor the course around your specific school curriculum focus areas. The workshops are interactive, involving exercises and brainstorming that makes all children an active part of their own learning experience. To minimise travel, we also offer courses online with the help of interactive tools.
  • Talk on UN’s SDG Events: To support and execute the 169 targets of the 17 SDG goals, the UN hosts multiple events throughout the year, specific to the goals and its actions. We talk about the events, it’s impact and how can one benefit from the events. We help and facilitate similar events in your school or institution to link your efforts with core events.
  • Quizzes and games: Climate learning should be insightful, filled with fun facts and most importantly, exciting. We create quizzes and organise games to learn about SDGs.
  • GHG and biodiversity projects: Learning about our planet ecosystem and its greenhouse gases (GHG) are paramount to a child’s relation with nature. We host several types of interactive workshops, from planting seeds in a hydroponic setup, to caretaking of their seedling until growth. We also perform live experiments on the release and absorption of CO2 explaining the critical roles these gases play, as well as the need for these two gases to be in moderation for all of us to survive.